Acai Berry Diet

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While taking Acai Optimum dietary supplement, will sun exposure effect you negatively?

I have recently begin taking Acai Optimum dietary supplement as well as tanninng sessions on a daily basis. When i get out of the tanning bed, my legs are usually broken out and i itch all over. I have switched lotions numerous times, cleaned the beds with numerous cleaners and even tried plain vinegar and water. The only other thing that i can trace the allergic reactions back to would be the dietary supplement.

Best reply by EddySays:

These acai products are all unregulated supplements so who knows what is REALLY in your capsules. Anything in the supplement could be reacting with the UV light.
By the way, are you aware that you will be getting billed $87.13 every month for your “free trial” of this junk?
All you have to do now is try and return the product. They make it as inconvenient as possible to cancel these ripoffs.
More likely they will wait for 2 months before popping your card for $174.26! That way you are out of the 30 day “money back guarantee” time period. Their investment might be $10.00.
Go to the web site and look under Terms and Conditions to verify everything I am telling you.
The easiest way out is to go to your bank, cancel your card, and get a new card number issued.
I learned the hard way on a “web advertising” scam for only $2.95. Cost me $60 and I never did get the product.
If these products work at all why do they use such deceptive methods?
You can thank me later.

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While taking Acai Optimum dietary supplement, will sun exposure effect you negatively?

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